Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Things I Never Got To Say

Myself, Sabreen & My Gran before she passed on
You always told me that the day would come when I would think back on your words.
On the lessons you taught me.
On the advice you gave me.
On the beauty of a message said not by words, but by a hug and a smile.
On the contentment one finds in forgiveness.
On the serenity to be found in the solitude of prayer.
On the character one builds in trusting and being trusted.

You never told me that you wouldn't be around when I finally got it.
When it all eventually made sense.
That the day would come when I'd make you proud, and turn to look your way... only to realize that it was too late.
That I never got the chance to say the things I wanted to say.

I know that you're looking down on me from Heaven.
And I hope that you're smiling that knowing smile.
As I look up and simply say....
Thank you.

For being my guiding light, Thank You.
For never giving up on me, Thank You.
For keeping me true, Thank You.
For loving me unconditionally, Thank You.
For being everything I needed in my darkest hours, Thank You.
For allowing me to shine on my brightest moments, Thank You.

For keeping my seat ready right next to you in that great theatre upstairs, Thank You.
Forever in my thoughts.
I love you Ma.