Saturday, May 14, 2011

Manchester United Make History!

14 May 2011 will go down in footballs record books as the day Manchester United earned the title of "The Most Successful English Premier League Team In History." With a game to spare and only needing a draw this weekend, Sir Alex Ferguson's men proved once again why they are able to win trophy's every year since he took the reins at the club.

I've been an ardent supporter of Manchester United since I could first mouth those infamous four words, Glory Glory Man United! The same four words which has been striking fear into every one of our opponents each time the team takes to the field.

Fans from all across the globe will be celebrating this 19th league title late into the night. If I could be anywhere right now, I wish it was Manchester. That atmosphere must be so electric right now!
(As I write this, Manchester City has just won the FA Cup. That takes the celebrations in Manchester to almost stratospheric levels!)
Our victory is made even sweeter knowing that back in 1994, our greatest rivals at the time, Liverpool, put up a banner saying "Come Back When You've Won 18.
Liverpool were miles ahead with trophies under their belt, but under the brilliant guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, every Manchester United fan knew in his and her heart that our team had it within them to achieve greatness beyond just 19 titles.

It wasn't to be a very long wait as we racked up trophy and title after trophy and title. The genius of Sir Alex Ferguson guided the different generations of our team through trials and tribulations, until the 2009/2010 season when we finally equaled the 18 league titles held by Liverpool. We had heard their jeering, and had answered that call. We were back with 18 titles. We were sitting on that perch, right next to them, but our hunger, our passion and our fans demanded we claim that perch for ourselves!
And so we did, in emphatic fashion!
We now own the perch. It belongs to us, and us alone.
We came. We saw. We conquered.
I have no doubt that come the 2011/2012 season, Manchester United will continue to dominate English football.
Now lets go out there and win that Champions League trophy boys!

Glory Glory Man United!