Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whacky Wednesday

Steers 2 burgers for the price of one.
Wednesdays only.

So we took the kids out to Steers Whacky Wednesday and I wasn't disappointed.
Four adults, two kids, and the Whacky Wednesday special all-around may have been too many burgers to consume.
I think the look on Sabreen's face when this mountain of beef burgers arrived was an indication that I may have ordered too much food.

I like food specials, I won't lie about this.
I like the Jimmy's Killer Prawns "Eat As Much As You Like" Tuesday Buffet.
You already know how much I like Steers Whacky Wednesdays.
In Dubai, we could go an entire week of buffets and crazy food specials without having to eat at home once.
Yes yes, I know about the health issues, but until the WHO (World Health Organization) ok's huge jugs of Kola Tonic & Lemonade and tubs of Ben & Jerry's, I'm not taking their word on anything.

I remember going to a new restaurant that opened in London once that had an "Eat As Much As You Like" Salad Bar. I don'think they lasted very long.
It's like walking into a sugar-free candy store.
Just doesn't work.

Growing up my mom was one of those who believed that all the good stuff needed to be under lock and key.
I never knew what the inside of our fridge or grocery cupboard looked like until I was married and came to visit one day.
When I say everything got locked up, I mean everything!
The fridge had a lock; the pantry had a lock; the grocery cupboard had a lock.

I'm not even kidding about this!

When we had guests over, we couldn't wait for those door's to be opened so that we could see what surprises lay in store inside.

So when Sabreen was born, I swore there would be no locks on any fridges or cupboards or pantry doors.
Sure the first time she could walk and reach the handles, she opened them up and had herself a party.
But soon the novelty wore off, and at age four she's no longer fascinated into an eating frenzy whenever she see's candy, at our home or anyone else's for that matter.

I guess it boil's down to trust and respect.
I trust her to know what's right and wrong, as best as a four year old can fathom right and wrong.
She respects the trust I put in her.
I like the way it works out, and I really do hope and pray that it will continue working in the testing years ahead.

Maybe it's that "Lock & Key" upbringing that get's me all excited about buffets and WhackyWednesdays.