Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Mexican Stand-Off

Today was Father-&-Daughter day, and I decided to take Sabreen to Sandton City for lunch and a bit of shopping.
I like choosing her outfits even if only because leaving the choice to the missus would mean Sabreen looking like a mismatched circus act.

*Something tell's me I should sleep with one eye open tonight. Just a hunch*

So there we were, taking a leisurely afternoon drive to the mall, when I asked her where she would like to go for lunch.
This is a transcript of the conversation, between a father and his 4yr old prima donna.

Me : Right then, where should we go for lunch?
Sabreen : Haagen Daz.
Me : Haagen Daz is not a lunch venue. It's an ice-cream shop.
Sabreen : I know that.
Me : You want to have lunch at an ice-cream shop?
Sabreen : Yes Dad. Don't be a fuddy duddy.

Did I mention that she's just 4?
Lord help me when she gets to 14!!

I'd like to think that i'm still young and hip.
I bought those funky Italian sneakers to prove it.
Sabreen seems to think otherwise.

So we debated the issue, and we both had some really valid points.

Guess who won?
In a Mexican stand-off, the smart money would be on her.