Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Want My Own Reality TV Show

OK I'll admit it.
I'm a sucker for Reality TV shows.
I don't care how daft the show is, if it's real i'm watching it. I've even sat through complete episodes of "Deadliest Catch" and the one about the truckers driving through snow. The latter was so boring , I was munching on raw red chillies just to stay awake till the end. "Deadliest Catch" was about fishing for crabs in the Caspian Sea.
Riveting, as you can well imagine.

Lately I've been watching "Leave It To Lama". I'm still not sure whether this is about the actor or the woolly sheep, but either way it's as lame as Hugh Heffner's girlfriends professing their undying love for him.

So I decided that if anyone and their monkey can have a Reality TV show, maybe I can too!
With all the exciting stuff that happen's to me in my average day, and the hundreds of interesting characters I meet in any given month, I reckon I have the basics covered for a hit show.

I remember chatting about these Reality TV shows to a friend I once knew, and he was saying he'd love to have one too. I couldn't see it. His family is so boring they make Mormons look like wild free-loving coke-snorting hippies at Ibiza.
They're so boring, his brother wouldn't have an opinion on anything unless you smacked him and gave him yours.
I'm not even kidding about this!
He once took a picture of a piece of grass, with nothing besides the grass in it, and his brother said it was really awesome.
I stared at it for 2 days and thought I was missing something! True story.
Yet there he was telling me that they would make an awesome Reality TV family.
Episode One: The Amazing Grass Chronicles

This afternoon I got to watch The Kardashians.
Except for their wealth, they're a pretty ordinary family. I've seen some of those squabbles and fights they've had, in episodes that were described as "explosive", and quite honestly the worst of the fights was probably as explosive as my 6-month old nephews farts.
Growing up in my home, with at least 9 family members on a good day, no fight was regarded as being even remotely explosive unless there was blood involved.
My sister, who's at least a year younger than I am, once beat me repeatedly over the head with a sieve until my mom ran in and screamed at her for ruining her good baking utensils.
An hour later after I had regained consciousness, it was business as usual as she and I teamed up against my cousin using a fillet knife and the electric bender.

The networks should seriously consider doing a Reality TV show based on an Indian household.
It would have all the makings of a hit show!
An hour in the kitchen and you've got the cooking channel covered.
Another hour with the family and kids after dinner and you've got Supernanny.
The son comes home late on a Saturday night after going out clubbing and gets confronted by his dad, and you've got WWE or even Survivor.
The mom's sisters come over for tea on a Sunday afternoon, and you've got Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives all rolled into one.
The Dad gets together with his friends for Saturday afternoon football and you've got Californication.

And thats just in my household!

Maybe I'll start with making my own youtube videos first.
That will be my next project then.