Monday, November 28, 2011

Phombo, Or "Damn This Site Is Awesome!"

I literally stumbled upon a photo-collection site this evening during another one of my random Googlings.
See, how it works (the random Googlings, I mean) is quite simple. I think of a word, which isn't actually a word, but one which sounds like it could possibly be a word in another language... and then I Google it.
You'll be surprised by what you can find out there in Google-land simply by typing in random odd sounding words.

Like Phombo.
Check out Phombos site here

Here's why I like the idea of random Googlings.
Remember that craze a few years back where everybody and their donkey was buying a copy of "The Book Of Answers", which incidentally is now available in a really cool online version here ?
Well this kind of works the same way. Some days you just want to read or browse something completely random. Oddly I find that when I do a random Googling, it opens up a page which is precisely what I need at that point in time. Like a soul-food drive-through. Quick and fulfilling.

Like tonight for example. I felt like browsing some Chinese art, since I'm going through an artsy flourish where I'm in the process of decorating my home in all things creative and beautiful.

This would look amazing next to the Japanese frames I have with random words written on them. Apparently the three frames which I have are supposed to have Luck, Prosperity & Health inscribed on them. I have no idea if this is true though. They could just as easily read Stupid, Indian & Guy.

During my trip to Hong Kong, I went to a museum with some amazing artworks. At least I thought they were amazing. The locals seemed more impressed with Hentai and Hello Kitty sketches. It's interesting to note how desensitized we have become to the beauty that surrounds us. I guess that's why travel will never cease. People will continuously be amazed by other cultures and lands, while those lands and their people will take for granted the beauty they possess.

I guess the same can be said for us as a people.
In our friendships, in our relationships, in our everyday lives.
We are surrounded by beauty everywhere. Our spouses, our partners, our family and friends, in the work we do and the words we speak and the things we create. Yet we never take the time out to step back, look upon the blessings we have, and go "Wow! Beautiful!"

Instead we travel thousands of miles to foreign lands only to speak those same words to complete strangers.

What an odd species we are.