Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food For Thought

This post was almost titled "The Theory Of Pie".
I say 'almost' because as soon as I thought of Pie, I took a break from blogging, headed for the kitchen, and the rest was a foregone conclusion.

Recently I've noticed that the common thread in blogs I follow and even amongst friends on Twitter, has been the issue of weight. More so than usual, as I'm well aware that no self-respecting men's or ladies magazine would dare publish an issue without a section dedicated to weight-loss.
I've been planning an exercise regiment for some time now. I'm generally fit as my job description doesn't allow for me to be a slacker by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know that I could do without the extra 10kilos courtesy of MacDonalds.

This brings me to the meat of this post; the crust of the matter if you must.
The lengths people would go to in order to achieve weight loss is simply astounding! I stumbled across a post on Health24 regarding some crazy diets. How's this for The 10 Most Crazy Diets Ever ?

Believe it or not, people are still using that Tapeworm Diet. I've heard of a few others. The Coffee Diet, which is pretty self-explanatory. Then there's this new fad where you drink a grain or soya smoothie every morning and every night for 10 days, and nothing else. Supposedly the crazy folk on this diet say that you spend the buk of your time seated on the loo for these 10 days, but looking into the pan convinces them that their insides and excess fat are being unceremoniously evacuated. Not a pleasant thought. I don't look into the pan on a good day, why would I look into it while on this crazy diet?

You would think that all these pharmaceutical companies would have already figured out a diet that requires no effort but has the desired results. We can send a man to the moon, but we can't make a magic pill that makes you lose weight. Don't get me wrong. I love my body just the way it is, and I love a woman's body that has some meat on it. Bones are for dogs. But for those who so desire, for those who want to shed a few kilos, and there are times when I do too, I'd like to know that I can just pop a pill and watch the fat disappear.

I'll leave you with this site about The 5 Most Disgusting Foods Ever