Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loyiso Gola vs Trevor Noah

I remember when DSTV announced the launch of Tonight With Trevor Noah.
I was so excited to be able to watch a premium comedienne for free on the telly. (Well I'm Indian after all!)
So when the first episode aired, I couldn't help but wish that it would get progressively better. The truth is, it got progressively worse, to the point of being cringe-worthy in it's latest offering.
I'm not sure why Nadia Lee van der Schyf didn't make an appearance on tonight's episode, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was because she jumped from a sinking ship before the band started playing.
Good timing there Nadia.

The highlight of Trevor's show is always the segment with Eugene Khoza. That man is a comedic genius!
If Eugene were the host of the show and Trevor were his sidekick, I think the show would have better staying power.
Unfortunately I think the general population agrees with me when I say that Trevor has lost his appeal ever since he whore'd himself out to the corporates.
Suddenly he seem's a lot less funny, and it's reached the point where I no longer bother tuning in.
I give his show another 2 months before they can it.

Remember The Gareth Cliff Show?
Great idea. No staying power.

Everybody is trying to copy the success of The Pure Monate Show.
It's never gonna happen.
I loved that show and it produced some of the best comediennes this country has ever seen.
It was seriously our very own Saturday Night Live.
Why they stopped it's run I will never understand.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, along came Late Night News with Loyiso Gola.
Fresh, funky, and totally relevant.
The segments by Riaad Moosa, SA's own Dr Comedy, are pure genius.

Admittedly I do find Loyiso's tempo to be a bit rushed.
So rushed in fact that he tends to swallow some of his words before they've even left his mouth.
Maybe with time he will calm the heck down and deliver his lines the way he does during stand-up.
Riaad Moosa and David Kibuka don't seem to have the same problem though. It's amazing that both comedy shows to hit our screens seem to have got it wrong when it comes to the host.
Eugene should have hosted Trevor's show, and they could have called it Tonight With Eugene Khoza.
Riaad should have hosted Loyiso's show and they could have called it anything they liked, the masses would still have tuned in religiously for their weekly shots.
I think Loyiso will outlast Trevor.
Trevor tried to make his show look too polished. Loyiso went with content over fancy sets.
I Googled both these shows and wasn't surprised to find other bloggers who felt much like I do.
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