Thursday, October 21, 2010

Passion... That's The Secret

Who would have guessed when I woke up yesterday morning, that before my day was over I would be flat on my back connected to a heart-machine?
Certainly not me!

I usually go to bed around 1am or 2am on any given day, and even on the day's when I'm totally exhausted I still find myself climbing into bed closer to midnight.
I was up working on my laptop listening to the soft humming of Sabreen's breathing as she slept peacefully next to me on the sofa, MTV Classic's playing in the background while the missus battled demons and dragons in her subconscious in the comfort of the bedroom.
I had this burning sensation in my left shoulder which didn't bother me at first, as the nature of my job means I'm constantly bumping into things whilst on my construction sites.

An hour later and I realized that the burning sensation had now radiated downward toward my elbow.
Now I'm not one for rushing off to doctors or popping pills like jellybeans at a whim, but I have a sense of when something is wrong and requires urgent attention... and I sensed that something was wrong in my body and required urgent attention!

So I put the little one to bed, grabbed my baseball cap and a hoodie, and drove myself straight to Sunninghill Hospital. The time was 11:30pm and it took me 10 minutes to get there.

In that 10 minutes, I got to think about my life.
About the things I had achieved, and the legacy I would leave if I never made the journey back.
About the things I still hadn't ticked off my bucket list.
About the hopes and dreams I had for Sabreen and wondering if I would ever see her achieve them.
About what my late Dad would say if he had to sum up the life of a son he never got to know.

I thought these questions and their answers would make me sad and morose.
Surprisingly, I found myself smiling and content in the knowledge that I have lived a good life.
I was honestly pleased with what I had achieved, and while I knew that the years ahead of me were filled with promise and immense potential, I was satisfied with my scorecard at that very moment in time.

It's amazing and somewhat humbling to think that one's life can be summed up in it's entirety in a 10 minute drive.
An ECG and a host of blood tests later, the physician informed me that I was healthy as a teenager.
I'm guessing he doesn't quite know the state of the average teenagers health out there.
Four hours later and with no conclusive diagnosis, I was advised to monitor the pain and return in two days and sent home with a cocktail of medication to relax my muscles.

Most people say that there are experiences in life which make them stop and re-assess their priorities. Life-altering moments, so to speak.
I'd like to believe that when the 10-minute clip of "Life According To Fareed" was played to me, I stood up to rapturous applause and took a bow.
If the experience did anything, anything at all, it gave me a sense of urgency to hurry the heck up and achieve those goals I hadn't yet reached.
To chase those hopes and dreams I have for Sabreen and rejoice in watching her bloom, as I know with absolute certainty she will.

There is one thing I would like to make a concerted effort at changing though.
I'd like to be more complimentary to those who deserve it... spread the Thank You's and I Love You's around like confetti if I have to,provided they're warranted.
I do it often, more often than I did years ago when I was an even more sarcastic and acidic bastard than I am today. It made me realize that people are willing to engage more easily and openly with someone who recognizes and acknowledges them for who they are.

So in ending this post, I'd like to say a humble Thank You to all those who visit my blog and read my ramblings.
I'll keep writing if you keep visiting :)

Here's to year's of good health ahead, for me and you guys too!