Monday, October 18, 2010

Is This Thing On?

So I was without internet for 4 days and quite honestly it felt like I had died and went to a hillbilly hell, devoid of all social-networking interaction.
It truly was a terrible nightmare come true.

I called Telkom relentlessly from Friday morning, first humbly requesting them to sort the problem out; then urgently requesting; by Saturday morning I was pleading, on Sunday this was reduced to begging, and today I finally caved in and started crying. Real, big, men-sized tears of anguish.
They eventually sent somebody over.
He arrived with a huge toolbox in his right hand and a tiny toolbox in his left hand.
He proceeded to open the huge toolbox.
This turned out to be his lunch.
An hour later he opened the smaller toolbox, which had a can of Coke and a Phillips screwdriver inside.
He took out the can of Coke and told me to come back in another hour.
I duly returned an hour later.
He took out the screwdriver, and waddled over to my internet connection/boxsy/cable thingy.
73 seconds later he said "I fixted it."
I hugged him and cried again.
I didn't want to let go, partly because I was so overjoyed, but mostly because I was afraid my internet would break as soon as he left.

So now I can go back to internet shopping, and searching for random crazy pictures to keep you lot happy.

Admittedly the last 4 pictures had nothing to do with my broken internet, but just to show you how happy I am I decided to upload these pictures and share them with you.
This has been the longest I haven't blogged since I started this new blog, and it made me realize that my 7 days away from the internet while I'm on my cruise will be no easy task.
I will survive.
I think.