Sunday, October 24, 2010

RoadTrip Haarties

My best friend Sabeen from Dubai came to visit for a few days this week.
Don't confuse the names with my daughter Sabreen.
Common mistake. So common in fact, the missus and I sometimes make it ourselves.

I love this pic!
Sabeen, the missus and Sabreen.
That hectic wind as they stand on the bridge crossing the Haarties dam gives this pic and wildly awesome look.

Stop looking at my 6-pack!
As you can tell, Sabreen and I are huge political activists.
True story. She will tell you who Che Guevara is and even what he's famous for!
We went to a birthday braai for my aunt tonight and one of my uncle's asked why we had pics of my dad printed on our T-shirts!
Apparently my late dad looked like Che back in the day.

That right there is the happy family people :)
That's the Haarties bridge in the background.