Monday, October 4, 2010

Ryder Cup 2010

In case you haven't figured this out yet, I am as passionate about my golf as I am about Pistachio Ice-Cream, & Kola-Tonic-&-Lemonade.
That's extremely passionate, in case your'e still wondering.

So passionate in fact, that I spent this entire weekend plonked on my sofa, glued to my TV.
Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever you prefer, the Ryder Cup this year went into Monday play due to bad weather over the weekend. It's been many years since that last happened. This meant that I had to postpone all my Monday meetings to Tuesday.

Disclaimer : For my clients reading this, the blog is pure fiction, and I have the sick-note to prove it.

I'd go into the immensely entertaining and rivetting detail of the weekends play, highlighting every magical stroke and every fantastic putt on that beautiful Welsh golf course, Celtic Manor (Home to the 2010 Ryder Cup, played every 2 years alternating between a United States course and a European one) but I fear my words could never do the event justice.

I've heard commentators say that the Ryder Cup is the most watched event after The Soccer World Cup & The Olympic Games. This is possibly true. I can't remember when I last watched the Olympic Games.

The Europeans, captained by Colin Montgomerie, proved formidable opponents and won the Ryder Cup by a single point, thus taking the cup away from the American captain Corey Pavin and his team.

The competition this year will have many talking points, from the unpredictable weather to the hugely talented players and the boisterous fans.
None however, can compare to the resurgence of that golfing genius, Tiger Woods.
He was a questionable start to begin with; the critics had him pegged as the weakest link in the American team by yesterday; and then came Monday October 4th.
Tiger started off on the back foot, but you could see the animal inside of him clawing away at the kitty-kat exterior to unleash the roar the golfing world thought had been silenced for good... and ROAR he did!

I know many of you may have no idea about golfing terminology, so I will sum up Tigers performance as follows :
If Tiger were Guatemala, and his opponent Molinari was The Rest Of The World, then you need to imagine a wounded and depleted Guatemala waking up this morning to fight The Rest Of The World, and by days end, kicking its ass!

Welcome back Tiger!
You have been missed.

Ps: Yes there will be those who are anti-Tiger due to his recent sexcapades, but from a golfing perspective, there is no denying that the golfing world was not the same without Tiger.