Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Princess Zia. We've Been Expecting You

Zia Kaloo at Age 4 Days

Some day when she's 16, maybe she'll stumble across this post, maybe she'll have been following the blog as early as she could read, or maybe she'll Google her name and end up here.

Either way, she'll know that her official welcome coincided with the day that both her parents and her elder sister Sabreen were left feeling immensely proud and completely over-joyed!

Zia, if and when you do get to read this post, know that when Sabreen was born I fully realized what it meant for a parent to feel unwavering love for a child.
When you were born, I realized what it meant for a father to have unconditional love for a daughter.

To the both of you, I'm so proud to have the honor of being called your Dad :)

I shall wear this badge with pride, and endeavour to do everything I can to be the King that my Princesses well and truly deserve.

Love always