Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bridalplasty Edition

Ok so it's no big secret that I'm a sucker for Reality TV. I could watch a show about monkey's being taught how to perform brain surgery and I'd probably be glued until they announced a winner, 7 failed attempts later. Hang on, that's not entirely true. Big Brother is the only reality TV show that makes no sense to me at all. If I really wanted to watch a houseful of morons trying to act cool and be the most popular while lounging around like fat lazy lizards in a bucket of grease, I'd go to parliament.

These past two months I've been completely fixated by Masterchef Australia and Bridalplasty.
The first is a cooking show, and I'm not sure why I'm so engrossed by a bunch of folks trying to be the best chef in Australia while cooking dishes that I'd probably never enjoy, but I am.
The second is a show about trailer-trash hillbillies and their upmarket cousins who want to win the perfect wedding, and in order to do this they go through process's of plastic surgery to look better. Sounds ridiculously sick? Well it is. Maybe I derive pleasure from watching just how low the average American bimbo will stoop for a dollop of self-confidence. Honestly you have to think very little of yourself to begin with, if you are willing to be sliced and diced on national television just to win the wedding of your dreams.
This is the runner up. Honestly, who wants to wake up next to Hannibal Lechter every morning?
Some of the women that entered this show looked better before than they did after their plastic surgery. It's a sign of the degradation of society when people go on Reality TV shows to win surgical procedures. It's a sign of the times when companies are willing to sponsor such TV shows. I guess it's also a sign of the times when a guy like me is fascinated enough to watch these shows every week.

I read in the papers earlier this morning that eNews has started a Friday night news special featuring naked presenters, after the 10pm movie! I kid u not. It's called Naked News and it's based on an American concept (why am I not surprised) where the newsreaders start stripping as they read the news.
I suppose that's one way to get people back to watching the news, though I can't imagine it being the same as back in the 80's when my Grandad would tell us to be silent after supper because the news is about to start, and then settle in to his favorite sofa while sipping his tea. Just not the same I think.
On the plus side, it's about time we got a news channel that gave us the bare facts, without having to make a boob of themselves like FoxNews does daily, or any of that tit-for-tat nonsense some other channels are famous for.