Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Chronicles Of Sabreen 2

So Sabreen asked me the other day when I was putting more pics of her on my laptop.
That's her version of asking when am I uploading pics of her onto my blog.
I promised I would do this more often, and since I'm too lazy to check which of th following I've already uploaded before, I simply decided to do my latest favourite pic list.
Note that all of these were taken with my Blackberry, which is reknowned for having crap photo-quality.

This will hold the Number 1 slot for a very long time.
I love the lighting and that look in her eyes.

This pic was taken at Sun City about a month back.
She'd just climbed out of the pool and wrapped herself up in the towel.

Sun City again, just before we hit the pools.

My funky Superga sneakers.

I took this pic over a year ago in Sandton at the Nelson Mandela Square.

Epic day of pouting. I picked her up late from school and she was not impressed. I had to buy  her a milkshake and ice-cream before her pout turned to a frown. It would be another hour or two before she smiled at me again.

This pic was taken over two years ago. I think she's aged 2 in this pic.

Sabreen, aged 2, dreaming of me of course :)

This is the face we wake up to each morning.
She has more expressions than I have shoes... and that's a lot of expressions!

Taken on the same day as the first pic; again I love that look in her eyes and the lighting.