Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Week's Favourite Video

Ok so every so often I'll be posting my favourite video of the week or month.
By now most of you will have an idea of the type of music that tickles my fancy.
This video has it all.
Great setting, awesome catchy tune, Satchmo-like male singer, and a fabulous set of legs on the female lead :)
It always helps when the female lead is cute as a button :)

Anyways, I like the words.
Pack up your troubles.
I'm not one to get easily down and m... crap, how do you spell moppy/ mowpy/ moupy/ mopey?
I think it's the last one.
As I was saying, I don't mope easily :)
I think I got it from my Gran.
I don't think I ever saw her lose her cool, or be really down and depressed.
Even when my Grandad passed on.

So I was tapping my feet to the song and singing along to my 4 year old, when she looked at me and asked "How do you pack up your troubles?"
Good question.
I have no idea.
But music always helps.
And writing in single sentences on the blog.
Like this.

So without further ado... yes this must be the longest introduction to a music video ever!!
Without further ado... enjoy the video :)
I'm off to watch Chuck.