Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sun City & The Monkey Army

The view from our room at The Cascades, Sun City
For those readers who visit the blog regularly, you will remember that some time in May of this year, I was playing a golf tournament at Sun City, and I won a two-night stay at the Cascades.
We decided to take that mini-vacation earlier this week, and it was as relaxing as it was stressful.
Relaxing because it's always great to have some downtime, but stressful because as per my previous post, my brain is not really wired to switch off.

Sabreen had an absolute blast, and that always makes it worthwhile.

On Thursday we settled into our deck-chairs around the kiddies pool while Sabreen made friends in the shallows. This little kid ambled over and plonked himself in the middle of the pool, totally oblivious of the other kids around him. I watched him with a beady eye, suspecting him to be of the rebel variety, always looking for a reason to get his butt spanked by his negligent folks.
The missus said I was being judgmental.
The words had hardy escaped her lips when the kid stood up from his spot, center of the pool, peeled his swimming shorts off, and proceeded to take a pee.... in the pool... holding his tollie like a scud missile aimed at innocent children!
The other parents were too shocked to react, or at least thats the way it seemed to me.
I yelled at Sabreen to get out of the pool immediately.She skedaddled out of there like a kid out of school at the sound of the end-of-term bell.
This seemed to spur the other parents into action, and in under a minute there were no kids left in the pool, bar the tollie-terrorist.
So Thursday wasn't a particularly good pool outing for Sabreen.

It turns out the Stimirol Spring Break festival was being held at Sun City over the same weekend. The place was absolutely crawling with scantily clad teeny-boppers and bug-eyed testosterone-filled boys.
Breakfast on Friday morning was like being in the food hall at the school dormitory the day after the prom.
Loud and unkempt kids on the wrong end of a hangover is never appealing. One in particular couldn't stop shouting words of endearment into her mobile phone to someone on the other end of the line who must surely have wished he had never answered her call.
At one point she asked a waiter for some watermelon, and proceeded to clap her hands really loudly on getting some. She must have thought they had flown it in from the Cape just to please her. It was only when she walked to the fruit table and saw the heaps of watermelon there for the taking that she realised why everybody was laughing at her little show of idiocity.

We were poolside rather early on the day, trying to secure deck chairs which are at a premium over any long weekend at Sun City.
We had been out for a few hours when I decided to head to the room and have a nap.
The missus stayed on with Sabreen, who seemed intent to make up for lost time in the pool.
Some time later when she finally emerged from the water, they decided to order lunch.
The food had just been delivered when the pool area was invaded by monkeys.
Needless to say, both the missus and Sabreen ran without a moments hesitation, stopping only when they reached the hotel room.
I woke up from a lazy snooze to the incoherent crying-filled tale of the attack of the marauding monkeys, and spent the next fifteen minutes consoling a 4 year old bent on revenge.

By the time I had packed the car and was ready to begin the two-hour journey back home, I knew that the vacation was an awesome break from routine, but that the awesomeness of the routine now awaited me.
Two hours later and we were back home, safe and sound in the comfort of my plush bed and glued to my big screen tv :)
They had this fabulous show on the Discovery Channel about weekend getaways in South Africa.
It looked fantastic.
I think some day I should do a mini-vacation. Looks like it could be tons of fun ;)