Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forex Trading

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I'm getting itchy feet again.
I only ever get itchy feet when I figure I've done the best I can and I'm ready for a new challenge; or when I've worn the same gym-socks for a week.
It scares the knickers off the missus, because unlike me she requires certainty and gaurantees and structure (and clean socks).

I tend to operate on a rather different level altogether.
Every business venture I've ever taken on was based on a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless. Every business venture was also a pretty good success story as well, touch wood.

My current business is now 5 years old. Still a fledgling as far as business's go.
I've always said that I would love nothing more than trading forex full-time some day, instead of doing it as a hobby or simply to appease the temptation every so often.
I've been trading for over 10 years now, but in a rather limited capacity... almost like swimming in the kiddies pool while knowing full well that the Ocean is calling.

That calling is getting louder and louder... and I'm rather tempted to dive right in.
Very tempted actually.

Have you heard about Portfolio Life ?
I watched a documentary on it the other day and was gobsmacked to see an entire culture of people who have such an awesome approach to their careers and lives.
I liked the idea, but upon further reading I realised that I've already been leading a Portfolio Life. Well my version of it at least.

Watch this space...