Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Case You Blinked

Every so often, I come across a link or a website, or even a story on the interweb that has me shake my head and leave me speechless.
That's no easy task.. leaving ME speechless.

I thought I'd share a few with you.

An article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph , Australia.
UN To Appoint Earth Contact For AliensSeriously?
There's now an official department at the UN that will handle "First Contact" from aliens. I wonder how they spend their days while waiting for the arrival of the aliens?
Who pays these people to sit and wait for aliens?
Are they testing "probes" while awaiting the UFO's?

Then there was the news report I heard on the radio earlier today, which I thought was a hoax.
So I googled it.
Well, it wasn't a hoax after all.
The Chief Minister of India, Sheila Dikshit, was interviewed regarding her countries hosting of the Commonwealth Games. I have no idea what the interview was all about, as I was still stuck on her name.
Since I know you probably don't believe me, I thought you might like to check out her profile .

Sheila Dikshit.
Now there's a name you don't want rolling of your tongue.

Bugger... I lost the second half of this post when my laptop suddenly froze!
Oddly, or coincidently, it had to do with David Icke and his conspiracy theories.
Have you visited Above Top Secret yet? It's an awesome site for those who love questioning and still don't believe the answers, even if there aren't any.
Another awesome site for politically motivated theories and opposing views is Counter Punch . I've been following this site long before the internet even came into existence.

For something totally random that will have you shaking your head and going "Now THAT I didn't know", my friend Paige links to a really cool blog called Goatville . Definitely worth a visit.

Somebody told me about this website dedicated to exposing cheaters and liars in relationships, called Don't Date Him Girl . Well I visited the website expecting to find pics and stories of almost every guy on the planet since Adam, but was rather disappointed to find that it was a rather boring site after all. I really was expecting some tittilation, like expecting to see your best friend or boss featured on the site.
Rumour has it they had to remove all the profiles of the cheating guys, because there were too many pending lawsuits.
Some people know just how to suck the fun out of a good old fashioned slander.

Right then.... I spent over an hour on my blog when I should have been meeting deadlines for reports.
I will now begin gnawing at my wrists in an effort to keep me away from my laptop.