Saturday, September 18, 2010

And In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

The title of this post is from a quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Sabreen and I were having a chat this afternoon about a dead bird she had found in the garden.
She seemed to understand the concept of death, but was a little confused about why death was so final. I sensed this when she asked me whether the bird would fly again tomorrow, once it had gotten over this whole death thing.
"How long will it be dead for Dad?"
hhmm... tough question.
So I decided to change the topic to something more apt to a 4 year old's reasoning, as Sabreen once set on an issue never let's it be until she fully understands it. She's like me that way. We can both be extremely tenacious, a trait which would be admirable if it weren't so intense when we're being that way toward each other!
The one thing you enjoy doing above all else, and something you could possibly be really good at.
That's the topic we settled on.
I love the fact that she's at that age where I can capture her attention and engage her in conversation, and she's intelligent enough to contribute to the subject matter.
So I asked her what her passion was... what was the one thing she felt she did really well, and absolutely enjoyed doing.
She thought about this for a while, and replied "Listening".

That's just as well, since my passion is talking :)

Sabreen the Listener.