Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Blog Patrol

I finally got to check out the SA Blog Awards website and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of bloggers out there.
It made me realise 3 things.
1) If I want to enter and win next year, I need to up my game
2) I also need to include more pictures on my blog
3) Preferably of me in the nude, since sex does sell.

The winner of the personal blog category has a really cool blog with lots of colourful drawings and pics. She's got a cool name too which always helps, Che. Cool name huh!

I checked out the overall winners blog too, but it was in Afrikaans and while I speak the language, I don't really read it too well.
I googled a translator and ended up on a Japanese porn site. Not the kind of translator I had in mind.
The pictures were fun though.
(on the blog, not the Japanese porn site)

If Harry Potter had a blog I'd follow him. Even if only because he seems like he's always high on weed, which makes him fun to be around. I've never been a Harry Potter fan. Neither have I ever been a Star Wars or Star Trek fan. I can't even tell the difference between the latter two. I know Darth Vader stars in one of them, and my favourite line is "Look, I'm not your fudder". That's as far as my fan-knowledge goes.

Here's my list of people I wish were bloggers so I could follow them, in no particular order, and for no reason other than I'd love to see what is going on inside their heads.

1) Harry Potter *as mentioned above*
2) Chuck Norris
3) Julius Malema
4) Ghandi
5) Saddam Hussein
6) Shrek
7) Pinnochio
8) Tupac Shakur
9) Marilyn Monroe
10) Santa Clause

Well, there you have it.
Incidently, those are also the 10 people I'd most like to have seated around my dinner table.
There's a few questions I'd like to ask each of them, the most common being "Seriously.. what were you thinking?!"