Monday, May 13, 2013

Let Him Who Has Not Sinned...

I feel like I've started almost every blog post with the same opening line: "What an interesting weekend that was!"

So this post will be slightly different.

Damn! That was one exciting weekend!
On Saturday night I found my new favourite restaurant. Yes I know my favourite restaurant keeps changing every month, and yes I'd probably make a half-decent food critic given the chance, but I do enjoy a good meal even if I am spoilt with having exactly that at home.

Ottoman Palace at the Turkish Mosque complex in Midrand served up the kind of lamb that would make any lamb proud to be on a platter next to some hummus and Turkish bread. Even Bambi would be like "Damn that was some fine lamb!"

Now if you've been following me on Twitter (@kaloo5) you would know that for months now I have been singing the praises of India Coffee House in Fordsburg. That all came to an abrupt end this Sunday past when their service reached such shockingly low standards, I was tempted to march into their kitchen and cook up my own korma with rice. I understand it was Mother's Day and they were busier than usual, but to have the waiter promise you your ginger drink on 5, yes five separate occasions and still not have it brought to my table an hour and 30 minutes after having arrived, is quite unacceptable. I was busy settling the bill when he finally realized his mistake.
I don't care that he then served up 8 desserts on the house.
I don't care that he didn't charge for any of the numerous drinks on the bill.
I don't care that he brought complimentary masala tea's to make up for his mistake.
I'm not that easily bought.
So India Coffee House gets a massive Thumbs Down from me!

Just when I thought my weekend could not get any more dramatic (for lack of a better word), a friend and fellow blogger wrote a piece about Rock Concerts.
Well in truth the piece was more about Muslims attending rock concerts unashamedly, and then posting the details all over the social media forums.
Needless to say, opinions on both sides of the divide were unleashed like a pack of wolves upon an injured bear. I say 'bear' because bears are generally brave, and know full well when they're about to go into battle, and are quite capable of defending themselves when in battle. They never back down, they never run away, and you never see them cowering behind the bushes.

I'm not sure what this bear intends doing now that the wolves have been unleashed.
If it acts like a bear, and growls like a bear, than it should be a bear when the need arises. That is after all, the simple bear necessities.

GGRRRR!!! ;)

Sunday night ended with a raging debate on Twitter over land reform issues in this country (South Africa for my foreign readers).
Well I call it a raging debate. My opponent seemed to be more on a racist rant than in a debate.
His solution to tackling the intricate and complex land reform issue: simply grab it from all non-blacks in the country. If people protest and try to defend their constitutional rights, send them back to their countries of origin!
In short, his view was that Africa belonged to black Africans, and nobody else.

Oh, did I mention that while he was throwing his spears and knobkerries at every colonialist and foreigner within earshot, he forgot to mention that his middle name was Lloyd?
That's the beauty of the Internet. If you enter through these doors and try to pick a fight, you can't do it anonymously.
So when I called him out on his clearly English name, he suddenly changed tact and said he'd have it removed or changed at some point.

Nicely played Lloyd.
Come to a gunfight armed with a plastic teaspoon.

Here's to another exciting weekend :)