Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fear : The New Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Oh  boy... where do I start?
Maybe you should check out this video of Jon Stewarts 'The Daily Show' before I continue any further. The video is at the bottom of the link.

There was a time, which lasted for maybe 6 minutes back in early 2010, when I was extremely vocal and opinionated on bigotry and disrespect toward others beliefs, religious or otherwise.
Then it dawned on me that this was akin to arguing about what to do with the pink elephant in the room. By engaging in this argument, I would first have to acknowledge the worthiness of the topic, thus accepting that my IQ was on par with that of a swamp donkey.

Back to this video.
The fact that David Cretin, executive dye-rectum of the Florida Family Association (isn't this the same State that sold George 'Dubya' Bush the 2000 Presidential Election?) has taken issue with a show called All American Muslim based entirely on the lack of fundamentalism and jihadist ideology portrayed in the series, makes one wonder if he would have preferred a show depicting American Muslims as merciless terrorists. THIS is the guy heading up a 'family' association? Seriously?

So let me get this straight.
Produce a show which depicts your average American Muslim as peace-loving and uninterested in violence, and it causes an uproar for lack of violence & senseless killing.
Produce a show which depicts your average American Muslim as a bloodthirsty fundamental terrorist, and conservative Americans are deliriously happy, chanting "See! We told you so!"

I place the blame squarely at the feet of Reality TV.

Before this scourge on society came along, I was blissfully and ignorantly happy knowing that Christians were bible-thumpers who all lived for Christ and did no wrong, Mormons all drove horse-buggys and dressed like a black-and-white version of That 70's Show, Hindus only bathed in the Ganges and the men never wore shoes or shirts, Jews were... well they produce most shows so I'm forced to believe they are all funny and look like supermodels and are never portrayed as the bad guys, and lastly that all Muslims were packing bombs. Even those who invited you over for Sunday biryani and sent you home with a plate of samoosas.

Reality TV as it's sole purpose is to captivate an audience by sheer shock-value. The more ridiculous the show, the higher the ratings. Along comes a show with a tinge of normalcy and void of the four core ingredients to a hit-cake, S (Sex), N (Nudity), V (Violence) & L (Language), and suddenly we cry foul. Well when I say 'We' what I really mean is 'Conservative America' or as they're more commonly known, The Republicans.

One of their clan members, in trying to justify David Cretin's call for a boycott of the show, asked this poignant and well thought out question :"What would happen if conservative Christians decided to produce shows promoting our religion on national TV?"
No less than 17 Christian channels being aired 24 hours non-stop nationally, with close to 100 radio channels dedicated to preachings from the pulpit, and you're scared of 1 american muslim show? Not even a channel?

Yes folks.
This new weapon of mass destruction will undoubtedly wreak havoc unless we do something about it.
Unless we confront this evil known as FEAR, with something even more powerful.
Something so potent and indestructible, it has survived hundreds of years or persecution.
Something I like to call Common Sense.

How about we give that a try?