Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First The Birds, Then The Fish!

 So New Years Eve in the town of Beebe in Arkansas saw about 5000 red-winged blackbirds mysteriously fall out of the sky! Nobody knows why or what the cause was, except to say that all the birds had suffered physical trauma.
Now here's my question : These birds fell out of the sky. They encountered physical trauma while flying. There were no reports of planes or helicopters in the area. Can you spell U.F.O ?
You can read the full article here .

But wait, it get's weirder.
The very next day, 100 000 fish were found dead in the Arkansas River, just 125 miles away from the town of Beebe.
Authorities don't believe the two incidents are related. Of course they wouldn't.
Fish belong in the water, birds belong in the sky.
The fact that birds eat fish is inconsequential. The scientists in Arkansas don't seem too bright, since they haven't yet made this link. Also, I don't think CSI shows on any network in Beebe.
Didn't the Ghostbusters come from Arkansas?
All I'm saying is, we're fast running out of species lower down on the food chain to eat.
If only they made a vegetarian meal that tasted like a big fat juicy beef burger.