Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Week That Was - January 16 2010

I heard the nastiest story earlier today. So nasty in fact, that as soon as I heard it I knew it belonged on the blog.
My cousin visited earlier, and with the rains of late it's been Pyjama Sunday on most weekends. So there we were chewing the fat and talking about the things guys talk about when they're chewing the fat, when suddenly he stopped me in the middle of my reasoning on why old people's fart smells worse than anyone else's.

This is his story.
They were on a fishing trip one weekend, arranged by his Uncle (the driver) and a friend of the Uncles (we'll call him Old Geezer.) The rest of the party included himself and three other friends of his. Old Geezer decided he needed to sleep through the journey, and sat in the back seat along with the three friends. My cousin sat upfront.

An hour into the trip and the driver hears this odd sound similar to sandpaper on wood. At 3 in the morning on a deserted country road, those sounds are amplified 100 times. He asks his passengers where the sound is coming from, and nobody could answer. Old Geezer seemed to be enjoying his slumber if his snoring was anything to go by.
The driver finally stops the car to investigate, as the sandpaper sound has now become rather annoying.
With 5 pairs of ears perked and listening intently, they follow the sound and suddenly realize it's coming from Old Geezer's crotch!
The dirty old fart had been scratching his groin while sleeping!

I spent my Saturday deleting numbers from my Blackberry that didn't belong in my contacts anymore.
Sure it's not a fun way to spend the weekend, but when your cleaning lady shares the same name as your ex, and you text the wrong one saying "Please come in early on Monday, there's plenty of dishes and ironing that I need you to sort out", you soon realize how important it is!

Lastly, my sister Aadilah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday!
She is simply adorable, and from the looks of things she will continue the strong beauty gene which runs in our family. I wish mom, dad and niece all the best on their new journey.
That's two girls for them now. Third time lucky on the boy I say :)