Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Spur Fordsburg Horror Show

Most of the posts on my blog are usually fun, crazy, fictional tales, very similar to time spent with a heroin addict who can't stop talking about his "trip".
On the odd occasion though, I do write a post which actually means something and has a very serious message to it.
Tonight's post has a very clear and distinct message.

That message is, quite simply: Spur Fordsburg, you disappoint me greatly and I shall never again eat at your establishment until you publish a full apology.
Not to me, but to your staff and waiters who you obviously have no respect for.
No, this is not a rant about shoddy service or a hair in my food.
This is a rant about management locking a staff member up in the freezer because he made a mistake of some sorts.
Yes, you did read correctly.
Spur Fordsburg locked a staff member up in the freezer because he made a mistake of some sort.

This isn't a rumour. This isn't some urban myth I read about on an open forum or a social networking site. This is something I was made aware of by my a waitress during my dinner at the restaurant tonight. I knew something was amiss when I saw ALL the staff downing aprons and walking out in a huff, except for the management. I asked the waitress what was going on, and she told me that a fellow colleague was currently locked up in the freezer, and management refused to let him out.

Now frankly I don't care what his transgression was, but there is absolutely no valid reason in this day and age to lock a human being up in the freezer of your restaurant, not for any length of time!

This isn't the 60's and 70's Spur Fordsburg!
As a regular patron, I shall hereforth boycott your establishment as a tiny token of my disgust at your management style, just like I and many others boycotted Wimpy Fordsburg after learning from a waitress that management withheld their tips and didn't pay it over to the staff.

What is it with these establishments in Fordsburg? I don't want to generalise, but if you're going to trangress the laws and disrespect your staff, you can expect to be exposed and boycotted.
Shame on you.
With your flashy cars and fancy holidays, while your staff toil through public holidays and late nights.
Shame on you for not protecting them. Shame on you for being disgusting human beings.
Shame on you Spur Fordsburg!