Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Friendship

"Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit."
-- Kahil Gibran.
Some time back I wrote about my views on Friendship and how it's been moulded like cheese over the years. In the post which can be found here , I mentioned the friendships I've had over the years and how nothing irks me more than investing your time, energy and efforts into someone you think you share a common bond with, only to be betrayed later on. It's almost like a silent death of the soul within.

So it comes as no big surprise that I don't subscribe to this whole notion of 'Best Friend'.

Having said that, I've recently had the divine pleasure of making the acquaintance of some amazing people who have such great energies about them, you can't help but ask yourself why it is that you never met them sooner.

I thought about this for a while and soon realised that we are all surrounded by amazing people, but because we're so focussed on those few negative people in our lives, we quite simply cannot see the roses through the fog.
Sometime's we hold on to people in our lives who drain our positivity like hungry leeches either because we hope that they will change for the better, or because we just don't know how to walk away. Neither of these options do us any good. It's like that growth underneath your armpit. You know that it's in your best interest to remove it, but you either hope that it will go away or simply ignore it in the hope that it will not bother you.

My Top 5 Tips to recognise when you're in a toxic friendship
* Does it feel more like a competition than a friendship, where you find yourself constantly competing to see who's better?
* Do you sense some falseness when you're congratulated on an achievement?
* Do you overlook the little things which really annoy you about them?
* Do they speak of loyalty while act in deceit?
* Lastly, when you're away from them for long enough, do you feel a sense of calmness & relief?

I'm starting the month of September with so many great opportunities ahead of me, and surrounded by some amazing people. One of my dearest friends said to me the other day ,"Kaloo, I'm ready to quit my job. It just feels like it's draining me." My response was to wish her a job that she has the passion and drive to enjoy each morning.

Life's too short to spend it doing the mundane, and just going through the motions.

Go out there and be great. It's within each one of us.