Thursday, August 25, 2011

Working Toward The Dream

Some time back on this blog, I wrote about my ideal career and how I am slowly pursuing that dream. I think I even uploaded a pic of what my dream office desk would look like. Wait hang on, here it is!

I started with trading shares many years back, and did a few courses on trading the stock market. Just before I left to live in Dubai, I got involved in trading warrants and CFD's. Very early on I realized that unless I educated myself on these very volatile instruments, I would have to resort to selling my arse on the nearest street corner if I didn't want to go completely broke!

So I did. (Educating myself, not selling my arse ;) )
I began with a few courses initially, and really stepped it up a gear over the last few years. The next frontier was the one I decided to leave for last, until I was completely adapt at trading. Besides, the Forex markets have wiped out more traders than any other traded instrument known to man!

They say that fate leads him who will, and him who won't they drag.
Throughout my time trading shares, warrants and CFD's, I had come across many fellow traders whom I thought would become lifelong friends with a common passion. Unfortunately that passion soon died as each one of them burnt their fingers on the markets in one way or another.
So it was a complete surprise when late one night, someone I had never met but happened to be a Facebook friend of mine, updated his status about how the markets were performing.

I immediately contacted him, hoping against hope that he was a regular trader, and it turned out that he was.
We got to chatting and soon realized that we had a common friend in Joburg, who was also getting started in Forex. There was a company based in Cape Town who was looking at starting a Joburg footprint, and I was invited to the introductory session.

I went in completely skeptical ... something which didn't go unnoticed by the guys doing the presentation. Having had at least 8 years of experience in trading, I knew what the pitfalls were.
To cut a long story short, by the end of the evening I was more than just a little impressed.

I did some homework about the company running the Forex course and was satisfied that these guys knew what they were doing. The guy who started the company is mentioned in several reputable finance magazines and is even featured in a book about successful traders. So I joined and signed up for the course.

Imagine my surprise when Day1 saw me sitting at the same table with some of the banking industries big-shots. I knew I was in good company.

The course went splendidly well and my experience allowed me to grasp the technical aspects rather quickly.
So well in fact that at the end of the course, my friend Shafi and I were called aside and given a proposal. Not the kind that leads to church bells and cake, and ultimately giving half your wealth away while cursing all women. Instead it was the kind that left us both gobsmacked in a good way.

We were offered the opportunity to head up the company's footprint in Joburg!
The journey begins later next month, and I am extremely excited and proud to be given the opportunity.
I foresee great things, but mostly I foresee the realization of that dream.

Watch this space :)