Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Say The Tweetest Things

I always knew that I have lots to say on any given day. Some may even call me opiniated. Yes, I have an opinion and I'm not afraid to voice it. I'm like Donkey in Shrek. I have layers. Like an onion. I make people cry. Like donkeys. Yes, I have an opinion that's full of layers and makes people cry like donkeys.

So when Twitter came along, it seemed like the perfect marriage. My opinions, and a platform to voice them. Now I'm not one of those people that get thrilled by follower counts on Twitter. On my blog, yes. Because reading the blog means you had to take the effort to click a link and actually want to read something I've written in more than 140 characters.
On Twitter, I'm pretty much in-your-face with constant random tweets that you can only get away from if you unfollow me. Clearly there's around 850 people who think I'm worth following on Twitter.

Imagine my surprise when I started hearing my Tweets mentioned on my favourite radio station, 5FM!
It started with Gareth Cliff early one morning, and then Grant and Anele, and then Sasha Martinengo who I ended up speaking to on air, and finally DJ Fresh who's now mentioned me a few times on his slot.

You know people liked what you said on Twitter when they retweet it so often, you end up becoming a Trending Topic. That happened today.
I got a message from a follower saying "Dude! @kaloo5 is a Trending Topic . Bloody well done!"

Today I got an interesting message from one of my Twitter followers who demanded, yes demanded to know why I haven't yet done stand-up comedy.
Honestly, it's something I would totally enjoy and I'm pretty sure I'd be a half-decent comedian, but I'm also sure I'm not very adapt at dodging tomato's. Not just yet.

Until then, my friends and followers will just have to put up with me on Facebook and Twitter @kaloo5

Happy tweeting!