Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not For The Faint-Hearted

I'm going to make this post as void of technical jargon as is literally possible.

I know many of the visitors to my blog are aware that I trade the currency markets, and of late some of you may even have learned that I have received my certification in Forex and I'm currently doing training as well.

What you may not know is that I still have my construction business, and between working a full day and trading currencies at night, I have finally found the perfect balance for my chronic insomnia!

These late nights which run into early mornings are a special time indeed.
How many of you truly know the sound a laptop's internal cooling system makes when running at full steam? How many of you have taken the time to count the pixels on your monitor, or do you just take for granted that its 16 million as the manufacturer said on the box?
Also, when was the last time you heard the passionate heavy breathing of two crickets shagging outside your window while the rest of the world was sound asleep?

It was somewhere between midnight and 1am on Tuesday whilst sitting in front of my laptop and trading that I had an epiphany. I knew it was an epiphany because spellcheck said I spelled it correctly at the first attempt.
I had an unusually strong curry for supper earlier that evening but I'm certain that had nothing to do with my epiphany.

Anyways, the thought that crossed my mind was related to banking, and the entire financial system as we know it. Earlier that afternoon I had read an article about just how dire the American housing market was. I'd always known that the credit crunch had turned suburbs across America into ghost towns. I also knew that the media were trying to remain upbeat and since it was in the nations interest and the interest of the banks, they were not showing the true scale of the carnage the housing bubble burst had done.
For a 3 minute video on what caused this housing crisis, check out this video
In case you're wondering about the Jewish link on the video, you need go no further than ask yourself who controls banking in America, and globally. Google the names of all the Federal Reserve chairmans in the history of the FED. Clearly this hasn't gone unnoticed by the guy who made the video, of the millions of people currently without homes but bundled with massive debt.

Now I read the financial papers and online bulletins more often now than I ever did before, and it's astounding how vast the field is between what mass media wants the gullible public to know, and what community bloggers and social activists are actually reporting on the ground.
So vast is this gap in fact, that up until 3 months ago the United States administration and bankers would have you believe that things had taken a turn for the positive and good times were just around the corner.

Well if that were true, why are banks closing their doors and begging for bailouts faster than you can withdraw your money?
Back to my epiphany....
Since we all know that it was the bankers who caused this sorry mess in the first place, and then had the audacity to beg for bailouts from government (money funded by YOUR taxes might I add) only to pompously award bonuses to the very men who caused this massive stink when that idiotic government handed them their ill-gotten money.... I wondered what would happen if there was a universal movement of communities across the globe who collectively decided to say 'SCREW THE BANKS' and simply refused to pay back any debt owing to these cretins.
No paying anything on your mortgage.
No paying anything on your car installment.
No paying anything on your credit card.
What an awesome world that would be!

Citizens taking control and telling the banks to fuck off in no uncertain terms.

I yearn for the day.

I'd start that revolution, but unlike Che' Guevara I may just end up alone in jail because my fellow activists were too afraid of losing their BMW's and use of their Gold Cards.

Until then, alutta continua I suppose.