Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something In The Air

You ever get the feeling that something truly amazing is about to happen?
That tingling sensation that makes you completely alert and aware to everything and everyone around you, almost as though you're surrounded by opportunity but just need to pick the right moment  to reach out and grab on to it.

I've had this feeling for a few weeks now.
It's a crazy high that I've been on, and I honestly can't explain it.
I've also been meeting some amazing people lately. It's almost like the stars are busy aligning themselves and my destiny is about to be given a good swift kick in the bollocks, in a good way of course.
It's weird but I have such a strong sense that whatever the changes ahead, they're all positive.
Maybe it's time I lay off my new favorite drink of freshly made lemonade.

Speaking of lemonade, I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday afternoon having lunch with one of my favorite people, Gwen Britz . The woman is an absolute inspiration and a legend in her own right. A legend in that little suburb of Norwood too it would seem.

Over an amazing chicken salad and no less than 4 servings of lemonade at my favorite haunt The Schwarma Company, we discussed life, work, money, love, and people.. even brothels! .... but mostly we discussed how blessed we are to live in this amazing country we call home (to my foreign visitors I'm talking of South Africa here ;) ) and how completely surrounded we are by fantastic opportunities.
She and I are going to do great things together. Remember these words.

Of course no afternoon would be complete without a moment of ridiculousness.
And that moment arrived in the form of a red fire engine.
I wish I had taken a picture. Some crazy local keeps a fire-engine parked in his garage, and clearly takes it out for joyrides on the weekends to the thrill of the blonde girls on board.
Who needs a red ferrari to pick up chicks when you own a red fire-engine?
I'm almost sure someone out there has a picture of that clown and his fire engine. If you do, please send it to me. I'd love to paste it on this post.

We had guests over today for a Baby Shower the missus was hosting for her cousin.
Of course the menfolk were barred from the house while the shenanigans were in full swing indoors. Based entirely on the paraphernalia being boxed out afterward, I'm almost certain that these women could make a few Stag Nights look like an afternoon screening of Mary Poppins.
We were left to do what men usually do when in a group larger than 2.
10 minutes into the braai, and my wife's cousin tells me the funniest story.

They grew up in the Free State, in a place called Clocolan. My few visits there confirmed that this must be one of the coldest places on earth come winter. So cold in fact, that they take tea-breaks in their coldroom (they own the local butchery) to warm up!
His dad decided that the home needed some insulation from this extreme cold, and proceeded to buy rolls of Pink Aerolite to be placed in the ceiling.

That's the stuff in the rolls on the van.

That's a dude in the ceiling installing the Pink Aerolite as it should be. Googled pic, of course. Not one taken during the 'Clocolan Home Insulation Project'.

Alas, this wasn't the case with the wife's cousin and their home.
The guy's they hired had never installed Pink Aerolite before, and had no clue how it was supposed to be done. They were told to take the rolls into the ceiling and install.
Simple instructions, you would think.

For the next few days the family were chatting about how warm the home suddenly felt.
A few pats on the back for a job well done, and everyone was pleased with themselves.
At some point the dad decided to inspect the workmanship. I suspect he wasn't completely convinced about the rise in temperature indoors.
He opened the trapdoor, shone his torchlight into the ceiling and lo and behold, there were all these rolls of Pink Aerolite stacked neatly side by side, still in their plastic packaging!
No wonder the guys installing the stuff had run short and asked for more rolls.

I'm sure there was a lesson to be learned there somewhere, but I was laughing so hard I just couldn't figure out what it was.