Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Anti-Politics Post

I've noticed a trend after having gone through some of my recent posts. It seems as though Ive done a political post at least once every other week. Now I'm no politician by any stretch of the imagination, as much as I do enjoy a good debate about politics.

On Twitter ( @kaloo5 ) I post political opinion a few times each day, but most of it is sarcasm and cynicism.
One of those posts this week generated a storm of responses from my followers, and this is exactly what a parody is all about. To get people thinking and talking. I was asked the question "If you're critical of both the ANC and the DA (the two largest political parties in SA) who will you cast your vote for?"
My answer was a simple "My vote will be for the party that handles criticism best."
Thats the simple truth.

I don't buy the political speech by our leaders during election year. Not one bit.
The ANC's "Together We Can Build Better Communities" slogan for this elections is a total crock of bullshit.
As a party they're too busy infighting for positions and power to care about the needs of the people. Someone should send them a copy of the Freedom Charter. Highlight the sections about "The People Shall Govern."
As for the DA, they cocked things up with the whole Joe Seremane debacle and they're still perceived to have a hidden agenda. Yes admittedly they are doing great things in the Western Cape and certainly have made headway regarding service-delivery, but it's their stance on international affairs that concerns people, at least all those that I have spoken to.
So come these elections, I'll be basing my vote on accomplishments and not on promises.