Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Are The Real Terrorists In America?

I first got wind of this video a week ago when a friend sent me the link and asked what I thought about it. My immediate reaction was to say that Ashton Kutcher is now punking politicians and social groups. Of course by the end of the video you soon realize that this is no prank, and the protesters vile insults to those attending a meeting regarding the homeless and social programs was very real indeed.

So real were the insults and verbal attacks in fact, that the protesters even had the backing of their local councilwoman and a Republican Congressman. These two idiots used the opportunity to rile the protesters and make personal and public attacks on a religious group that was in fact having a meeting to discuss social upliftment programs.

Now I'll be the first to admit that more wars have been fought and more lives have been lost in the name of religion, but surely when you have a group of American protesters shouting "Go back home!" to fellow Americans who happen to be of a different faith, it indicates the level of fear , racism and intolerance so prevalent in America today.

If you're going to go around the world trying to beat democracy into every nation you stumble upon, and kick Western ideology into the skull of every Eastern and Middle-Eastern culture, maybe you should consider first educating your own people on whats right and whats not. If you're going to preach to the world, preach to your own flock about tolerance, racism, civil liberties, rights and morals first. Lead by example.
Until you do this, the world will continue to regard the American people as a bunch of hillbilly morons who know absolutely nothing about the people outside their borders. I for one will continue to regard the average American as a racist retard.

Here's the original article about this despicable protest, as published in the local Orange County newspaper:
Orange County Register

To understand whats wrong with America today, look no further than this.