Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please Make It End

Ok so evidently Rebecca Black is taking over the weather channels too.
Speaking of weather channels, my client called me to his office's in central Jozi today in the hope of getting me to agree to renovate the uppermost floor of his building into a penthouse. At the end of last year I declined the offer on principle. He has this beautiful solid wood floor made from original Rhodesian teak, and his new wifey who looks like she belongs on the cover of Stacked insists she wants it removed and replaced with marble.
I'm at the stage in my business where I no longer need to whore myself out and do everything and anything in the pursuit of money, even at the expense of my beliefs.
I don't think those Rhodesian Teaks gave their woody lives freely just so that years later, a peroxide blonde pornstar could come along and decide their fate at a whim.
(No, he would never stumble upon this blog because it's not a porn site and thus would never visit it)
So I politely told him that I would undertake the project on condition we find a suitable compromise that includes the wooden floors remaining. His wifey didn't seem too pleased. She soon realized though that my principles were firmer than her fake boobs.

Tomorrow I hear if he accepts my proposal.
Kaloo 1 - Botox 0.