Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daughters & Divas

When Princess Sabreen was born, I held her tiny body in my arms and knew that she would grow up to be a giant in personality. She had that look in her eye that told me she would have the attitude to get her through life. I couldn't have been prouder.

Almost five years later and she is every bit that strong and amazing personality I imagined she would become. So today I picked her up from school and as usual, we got to chatting about life in general and the state of the nation. Somewhere between discussing the national budget and the cricket world cup, I asked her where she would like to go for holiday over Easter. I expected the usual 'Grannys', 'the coast', 'Durban' (which are all the same really) or maybe even Cape Town (her good friend Milla lives in a beautiful castle-styled home in Noordhoek). Her answer was "Disneyland in Florida." It turns out her best friend at school is heading that way over Easter and asked Sabreen to join her.

I was 15 and couldn't get my mom to agree sending me to Knysna on holiday with friends. My daughters not yet 5 and thinks its perfectly normal to fly thousands of miles across the ocean to Disneyland with her friend for Easter!

I blame Hannah Montana and Disney Channel!

So after explaining to her where Florida is, and how far away from home she would be, and for how long she wouldn't see me if she went, she still figured it was all a small sacrifice to be on a girly holiday with her schoolfriend.
It was only when I mentioned that Florida doesn't have any ice-cream that she finally conceded.

Fatherhood 1 - Youth 0