Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Superhero Name : Captain Content

It's been an amazing two weeks, but then in all honesty I do say that at least once every two weeks.
It really has though.

You've probably read my previous post about having finally ticked off an item on my bucket list : Do Stand-Up Comedy.
If you haven't, it can be found here . I've been wanting to do stand-up for some time now, and mentioned it in this post , but never realized that the opportunity would present itself so soon.

So I had a re-look at my Bucket List this weekend, and everything that seemed to border on highly improbable, practically impossible, or ridiculously unachievable suddenly seemed totally within reach.
It's like somebody gave me a shot of Kryptonite and a can of Spinach.

Onward and upward.
Time to work on the next item on said Bucket List, which list I intend posting on the blog soon.

I started on a book about 3 years back, and I've been writing at such a slow pace I expect I should have it completed in time to have it published as my biography. A centenary celebration of sorts.

I reckon it's time I kick the writing into high gear.
The other item from the Bucket List which needs to be kicked into high gear is the trip to Vietnam.
The missus leaves on her annual girly holiday with Sabeen, a friend of ours from Dubai, in a weeks time. With our planned family vacation to Cape Town in December, we've decided to plan for Vietnam in the year ahead.

Watch this space for the official Bucket List.