Monday, June 6, 2011

We're One Year Old!!

Well when I say 'We' what I really mean is 'The Blog'.

Yes folks, the blog is officially 1 year old and boy has it surpassed my wildest expectations. When I first started the blog I expected it would be frequented by my friends and the odd random visitor who happened to stumble upon it by mistake.

12 500 visits to the blog later, and I'm thinking this site must be like a massive black hole on the interweb, sucking in people by the hundreds every month, or maybe, just maybe, there are some out there who actually do enjoy my ramblings and keep coming back for more.

I'm going with the Black Hole theory ;)

Thank you guys for coming here as often as you do. It really is awesome to know that I can keep you entertained, unless you're coming around to laugh at my silliness, then I'm just glad to be of service :)
Either way, I'm humbled and grateful to one and all :)

Here's to another year of random crazy mutterings!