Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

The thing I like about Adele is how she moves me with her vocals, while sitting on her chair and not having to move herself. None of that skimpy-clad gyrating stripper moves or prancing about like a concubine.
She just opens her mouth and sings.
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

I'm sitting on my bed overlooking my sprawling garden in all it's lush green and bright colours, while a soft drizzle falls like watery kisses onto the carpet I call my lawn.
This day couldn't be more perfect if Shakespeare wrote about it or MichaelAngelo painted it.

I truly am blessed, even if I do bitch and rant and rave every chance I get.
All things considered, I wouldn't change anything about my life one little bit.
Also, this weed my Rasta friend gave me is damn awesome!
*just kidding*

>>> puff <<<