Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Road Is Calling

I've browsed through my last few posts and found a common thread of bitching about how busy I've been and how hectic my weeks are lately.
I think it's time for another holiday, or at the very least a road-trip that lasts an entire weekend and has no destination.

In other news, we had a crazy electrical storm in the area about a month back, and it blew my TV and satellite dish to smithereens. I was tempted to do the manly thing and take it as a sign from a higher being that I needed to upgrade from a 50inch LCD TV to a 70Inch LED one.... but then I had a rethink and figured "Let's see what life is actually like without a TV."

Amazingly the entire family has survived, and even more surprising is how much time we've had to do the things we once loved: Reading, family bonding, writing, listening to music, calling relatives at odd hours just to chat (especially fun if done during Survivor or American Idol"), and of course blogging.
Watch this space for the update on the pending vacation.