Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Called "Entitlement"

I don't know where it all started, but it's begun to filter down into parts of my everyday life that I'm not completely thrilled about.
I see this whole sense of "Entitlement" thing happening in our government, and among our leaders, and people I once respected as mentors and elders, and suddenly before you know it the beast is in your home, sitting next to you on your sofa and demanding control of the TV remote!
It's too late to ask me to stop ranting. You should have done so in the previous paragraph when you still had a chance. Now you're just going to have to sit there and shut the fuck up while I have my say. This is me taking back some of my own "Entitlement".

I read the story today about Leonard Chuene, that shining example of what happens when your government elects a fucktard to run an official governing body, in this case Athletics South Africa, and how quickly such an individual can bring shame to a once sterling organisation. In case your'e wondering, he's the moron who fucked up Caster Semenya's career while Julius Malema was promising her money and shoes and truckloads of empty promises. Now we may all agree that South Africa never had the opportunity to compete with major athletic nations like America, Britain, China or even Australia dare I say it, due to the vast difference in their infrastructure and resources compared to ours. What we did possess however, was the ambition to compete amongst the best in the world.
Along comes Leonard and his merry henchmen and they proceed to rape the last of the dignity left in our athletics bodies. Of course with the complete backing of that imperial Lord Of The Numbnuts, Julius Malema, Leonard naturally assumed corruption and pilfering where Olympic Sports and he was going for Gold.
Long story short, he finally got his incompetent ass kicked out, and Julius is as silent as a Queens fart at a Royal dinner.

It doesn't end there though, this sense of entitlement.
I won't go into the whole economics of a union-sanctioned strike, as that would require more blogspace than I care to dedicate to the issue. I will however say that the media will alway report on what is most sensational, and we don't always get the full story. Sometimes employers are exploiting their staff, and yet other times staff are also exploiting their positions to the detriment of the companies. Lately there's been this sense that if they the employee's don't get what they demand, no matter how unreasonable, it's time to strike. Again, a sense of "Entitlement" permeating through the workforce.

On Tuesday night of this week, my brother-in-law was hijacked while dropping his labourers off in Alexandra. Thankfully he was neither injured nor harmed, and the vehicle was recovered about 2 hours later. Whilst at the Police Station, I got into conversation with a member of the task force assigned to hijackings and he said something very interesting to me. He said that a vehicle hijacked in the township was usually found within a few days, only because the thieves are youths out on a joyride looking for any valuables they can find in the car. They're not interested in the vehicle itself, only what's inside and also only as a means to enjoy a ride around the township. Again, a sense of "Entitlement" amongst our youth, filtered down to them from our leaders above.

I worked a 55 hour week (yes I took the time out to count it) and you can well imagine how exhausted I was coming home this evening. So exhausted in fact that even though I was invited to a rather posh event this evening, one which I would ordinarily be at without a second asking, I declined to go choosing to stay home and rest my weary bones instead.
9:30pm and I'm settled in for the night when the missus wants to know what I'm going to go out and get for dinner!
Quite frankly I blame Julius Malema for allowing this sense of "Entitlement" to trickle down into our very homes. We need to put our collective tired feet down and demand an end to this madness, before our kids start having expectations of us, expectations our parents would have beaten out of us before we could even verbalize them.
We have, nay the missus has, a standing rule in our home: Kitchen Closed From Friday Night Until Monday Morning.
I guess when you're young and in love you'll agree to anything. Heck as a newlywed she could have said she wants one of my testicles to be pickled in a jar next to the bedside and I would gladly have agreed.
Guys, take it from an old hat, you need to start asserting yourself very early on, else one day you're gonna wake up with shackles on your ankles and a ball-and-chain hanging off your knob-end, wondering what happened and why is there a tattoo saying "PWNED" on your arse.

So anyways, I went out and got KFC coz let's be honest, all I can do is blog about it.
Thats how I roll.