Friday, April 29, 2011

Rather Late Than Never

So I finally got to see the movie Invictus.
Yes yes I know the whole world and their donkeys have seen it months and years ago, but things work a little slower in my neck of the woods. Time stands still here if you're not clock-watching. Just the other day some guy was at my door tellng me about this amazing thing called 'Broadband'. I told him if I wanted to see broadband, I go down to the local Spur on a Friday night and watch Oom Sarel with his fat bum play the banjo with the rest of his band. That's our Broadband, and we've been having it for years.
Wireless is when Oom Sarel screams instead of using the mic.
See, we not as backward as you can like to think we is.

Moving on before you file my blog under 'Retard Bloggers"......

There was a reason why I waited so long to watch this movie, and tonight I finally figured what that reason was.
I had to wait until the missus and kiddo were out of town, and I had the house to myself.
Yes I know there's no porn or nudity in the movie.... but Clint Eastwood managed to pull off what many Indian movies have been trying for years... He got me to cry during a movie. Not just a lump in the throat and a solitary tear running down the cheek. I'm talking big fat chunks of tears and loud wailing and enough snot running to grease the Gautrain for a year.

Now I don't cry easily during movies and it takes a really special kind of movie to get me to cry.
The last time I cried this much was during Rocky when Stallone came home and shouted "Adriaaaan". So obviously it takes a really classy, deep and intense movie to get me all emotional.

This post is dedicated to all those who haven't seen the movie yet. Yes, all 5 of you in the rest of the world. Go out there, hire it, arm yourself with two-ply tissues, and prepare to bawl your eyes out!