Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Hate Me Coz I'm Beautiful

Another one of those weird days comes to an end.

It started off pretty normal, as most days and horror movies usually do. By 11am I knew I was in for one heck of a ride.

My client calls to say the electricity in the entire building is out, but can't understand why the office phone is still working. I asked if it was a cordless phone or connected to a PABX system, and she said no, the phone line is connected directly into a telephone socket.
Right. I'm not sure why she figured her phone required electricity to work, but I sent one of my teams out anyways because it was a slow day and I could do with some new golf shoes.

My kid's school is around the corner from a McDonald's outlet, and I was about 20 minutes early picking her up so I decided I'd stop over for a quick milkshake. The dude in front of me in the queue looked like a retired rugby player. I say 'retired' coz he must have been about 40. Also he was wearing these farmer jeans with the farmers uniform shirt. Something similar to this, except they were jeans shorts.

He was singing along to "Don't Hate Me Coz I'm Beautiful".
I was tempted to point out the irony, but he grabbed his Big Mac & Diet Coke, and left before I got the chance.
By 3pm the weather had turned somewhat and I decided to come home and get myself a jersey. My cleaning lady had unpacked my winter clothes earlier in the week, so I rushed in and grabbed the first jersey I saw. Turns out every fishmoth in the country was shooting a porn movie in my jersey. It had this odd dank smell, and I'm not even sure "Dank" is a word. I got back home earlier, threw the jersey on the sofa, and four bugs fell out of my thatch ceiling, dead.
I don't mean to harp on about this jersey, but I suspect it's been to Japan and come back highly radioactive without my knowing.

I'd post a pic but my eye's are still burning and I'm still waiting for the sensation to return to my ears after wearing this damn jersey for an hour today.

Time now for a delicious supper at my sisters place.
Watch this space...