Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boys Weekend

I have this Love-Hate relationship with Easter Weekend, and I've had it every year. Well every year since I could drive. It's mostly the idea of sitting in a car for 8 hours driving to a place which is usually just a 4 hour drive away that makes me hate the long weekend.

So usually I end up spending it at home, doing day trips to places like Haartebeespoort Dam or Sun City. This weekends slightly different though. Princess Sabreen and the missus are off to Durban for a week, which leaves me alone at home contemplating moulding my butt to the sofa all week, or maybe having a boys weekend.

My buddy Shafi recently moved down from Cape Town, and I'm hooking up with him tonight. The last time I had a boys weekend, there were cops and firefighters and even a magistrate, and those were just the guests!
I'm kicking this night off with a marathon session of Jerseylicious. I think I've already watched 5 episodes already. The pizza's have already been ordered and arrive at 8pm. I picked up a copy of Bad Boys 2 and Saw 4 to take us past midnight and into tomorrow.
Oh and popcorn. Salted!

Yep, this evening is going to be wild!