Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Supper tonight at one of my favorite restaurants, The Schwarma Company in Norwood.
This place always reminds me of those Italian joints where the Mafia would hang out and have secret meetings in the back, and you always expected a shoot-out between rival gangsters armed with Tommy-guns and 38 Special revolvers.

Ok so Schwarma Company is nowhere near as violent, but it is a hangout for Lebanese folk.
I had a point with that statement.... hhmmm... moving on.
The most gratuitous violence I ever witnessed was the day a diner stepped on a cockroach, admittedly this was outside the restaurant before we could enter.

Having said that, it is an awesome eclectic mix of people who come through those doors, and the food is simply delicious. Owned by 2 Palestinian brother's or so I'm told, the food is authentically mediterranean and the portions are large enough to feed a small African village.
My favorite item on the menu however, is not a meal but rather a drink : the homemade lemonade!

The last time I ate at Schwarma Company, I was mistaken for an Arab by someone who passed me and asked me something or the other in that eastern dialect. Maybe it was Egyptian or Hebrew. I'm not sure. Come to think of it he may just have been choking on some hummus.

Right... gotta go.
There's a dish with my name on it waiting for me.