Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Occupation Sir?

This is a transcript of a phone call I received earlier today.

*phone rings*
Me     : Kaloo hello.
Caller : Good morning Sir. Is this Mr Kaloo?
Me     : Yes it is. How can I help?
Caller : Sir I'm calling with some fantastic news today. You've been selected by *insert name of gym who thinks their membership would fill an entire planet* for a free 3 month membership!!
Me     : *yaaawn* Ok that's nice. Drop my membership card off for me, will you.
Caller : Sir I need to get a few details from you first.
Me     : Of course you do. Shoot.
Caller : What's your occupation Sir?
Me     : I'm a retired pornstar.
Caller : Ok, and are you married or single Sir?

Now at this point I'm wondering if she heard ANYTHING I just said.
Do these call-center agents even listen to us, or have they been trained to just drone on until their eyes light up when they hear us giving out our Credit Card or Banking Details?

I have weird crazy conversations with random people almost every day, and if you follow me on Twitter ( @kaloo5 ) you will soon realize that abnormal is just a part of my normal day.... but these call-center agents make it too easy for me to take that to a whole new level.

The fact that there is no shortage of agents calling every other day for any number of products or services means I will have enough material for an entire new section within the blog. I'm calling it 'Transcripts'.
This blog already has a few transcripts found here.
This will include transcripts of not only conversations held with call-center agents, but people in general.

Watch this space.