Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I See Stupid People

The news headlines today, Suicidal man jumps off bridge. , had me intrigued about what could possibly drive a person to commit suicide a few days before Christmas. Not that there's ever a good or bad time to kill yourself, but I guess right before the holiday's must be right up there with stupid choices.
Before you accuse me of being judgmental (spellcheck says that's the correct spelling... I'm not convinced) think about the loved one's preparing for a wonderful holiday season, and how easily and quickly that can go to pot by a family member who decides to check-out early.

The comments on the article were interesting to say the least.
People talking about the selfishness of the act itself, other's sympathizing with the attempted suicide victim, and then there were those who felt the guy was a despicable human being for trying to cause a traffic jam while people were rushing off to work in peak hour traffic.
We're such a difficult species to please, aren't we?

I cannot even begin to understand the anguish of somebody at the end of their rope with no hope in sight, so I'll reserve my comment on suicide. I'm an extremely positive person; so positive in fact that it can annoy those around me to the point of wanting to kill me, or themselves sometimes.
I try as best I can not to be in the company of soul-killers & whiners, people who bitch and moan all the time about how crap their lives are or how pathetic they feel as human beings. Grinds me to no end.
I've even been accused of being a lousy friend to those who found themselves wallowing in self-pity & depression. I make no excuses for it. Life is too short to spend it club-hopping at pity-parties.

Anyways, my favourite comment came from this lady.
Read the article before checking out her comments. It will make more sense. Or not.

Sindile 8 hours ago
I m not supriced that he is found not guilty. corruption has played a big roll in this. thats what happens in SA no justice. He is lucky I m not the mother of those children
Makutu 7 hours ago
What are you talking about? You want to comment on the Jub Jub case?
gmck21 7 hours ago
DaveD 6 hours ago
You are the weakest link, goodbye...
AGENT 6 hours ago
stivvler 6 hours ago