Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zuma vs Lady Justice

This is the cartoon which has our President pitted against Zapiro the political cartoonist in a remake of David & Goliath.

The question being asked ever since the President announced he was suing Zapiro and Avusa Media over his depiction as a rapist about to take advantage of Lady Justice is, "Should the President, or any member of parliament of political figure for that matter, take legal action for their depiction in cartoons?"

Quite frankly I think if you put yourself in the public domain in any manner or form, you should be aware of what comes with the territory.

My question over this whole issue is why the President waited two full years before deciding to take legal action. Were they waiting for the Protection Of Privacy bill to be signed and sealed before making their move?
I'd hate to think the day has come when we will no longer be allowed to poke fun or ridicule our political figures. That would signal the end of careers for many journaists, stand-up comediennes and satirical tv shows, and not to mention my blog!