Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Generation Of Morons & Thieves

Your bellies empty
And the hungers so real
You're too proud to beg
And too dumb to steal

I guess Sting in his wisdom never had our beautiful country in mind when he wrote these lyrics.
We have a generation so dumb, all they will ever be able to do is steal! Gone are the days of bank robberies and armed hold-ups... today we have government tenders and cushy jobs in parliament. It's taken your stock-standard hoodlum and dressed him in a suit. His crime is still the same. He just undertakes it with a new level  professionalism.

I read a blog earlier today which pissed me off to no end.
Our geniuses in government have spent around R3 Billion (Yes, thats Billion with a B) on a project called Gauteng Online which was supposed to empower students in all schools across the country by installing computer centres with internet access in every school.
The tender was awarded to some unknown sleazeball who has a company website totalling 1 page. No further information is available on this guy. Somehow, the powers that be figured he was the perfect candidate to handle R3 Billion.
This was between 2002 and 2007. It's now the end of 2010.
Has anyone ever heard or seen any progress on this genius project?
I read The Article and literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor by the time I got to the end.

I guess it's not so much that some connected BEE tenderpreneur was bum-chumming a member of parliament or someone high up in government, and between them decided the taxpayer didn't really need this R3 Billion. I guess it's not even the fact that the guy has never been brought to book on the matter, 9 years after the fact.
The thing that really riles me up is when I read that SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers Union) are now asking for a biased and lenient approach to marking black matriculants papers.
Really SADTU? Thats your solution?
How does This Solution turn us into a nation of winners and achievers?
Here's the thing: I totally get that some students have been disadvantaged by the previous government. I totally get that there was a ton of catching up to do. Okay so sixteen years later and we're still blaming the past? Sure it's a stretch, but let's assume we take a big fat gulp of water and swallow that pill too.
What I would really like someone to explain to me is why the present government is taking every hard-earned penny from every taxpayer in the country, amounting to billions of Rands each year, then squandering it on instant-millionaire gifts to their friends and comrades under the guise of BEE tenders.... and when the chickens come home to roost because the standard of education in our schools is lower than the morals amongst our politicians, the first solution they can think of is to lower standards even further.
Shall we just keep turning a blind eye to the root of the problem, while lowering education standards for our learners to the point where they're "too proud to bed, and too dumb to steal"?

Remember when our freedom fighters and stalwarts in the struggle against the apartheid regime were comfortably able to enter top international universities like Harvard and Princeton?
I'd like to see our current crop of geniuses even make the janitors job credentials.

That's the very reason Private Schools in this country have become a million Rand industry.
The cost of sending my daughter to a good private school today equates to my dad's entire salary when I was younger. It's not getting any cheaper, which means parents these days have to work harder and live longer so that their kids can get into the best schools and universities.

You know what we need?
We need Pink Floyd all over again.
We need a whole new revolution, except this time we should purge the state of all the flotsam and jetsom and bring in some serious leaders with serious solutions.

I don't know who they are and I don't know what their solutions could be... but by God I hope they're out there somewhere!