Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Christmas Cheer, Less Christmas Spirit

Ok so it's that time of year again when everyone and their donkey is invited to a Christmas Party. Well just remember, unlike Vegas, what happens at the party doesn't always stay at the party!

Sweet dreams my son.

Ok at first I didn't know whether that was a butt or a stomach... then I noticed the midget!

Is it because I'm black?

Seriously, why is Grandpa here? He looks confused.

There are 2 women in this pic, and some dude is pinching this GUY's nipple? hhmm...

Mans best friend. Woof! Don't even think of the "Doggy-style" jokes you dirty minded person you!!

You've heard of Facebook. Now meet Facepotty.

When did "Can I buy you a drink?" turn into "Can I steal your drink?"

It's all in the timing! Yes, that's her barfing as she leaves the party.

Who's your daddy?