Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Know You're Indian When...

This post is dedicated to all the Indian women from Durban now living in Jo'Burg.

You Know You're Indian When
1) You have all your samoosas and pies sent to you from your mom in Durban.
2) You travel to Durban once a month religiously to collect your spices, from said mother, coz Lord knows Jo'burg doesn't have any spices.
3) You call your mom every night to tell her about your day, and catch up on the gossip back home.
4) Your mom asks you every night what you cooked for supper.
5) You always ask what the weather in Durban is like, and complain about how bitterly cold Jo'burg is, even if it's during the middle of a heatwave in summer.
6) While seated at a wedding with the rest of your family, you discuss the softness/ hardness of the potatoes in the biryani, and the hideous garments worn by the opposite parties family.
7) You know the number of the lady who makes roti's, but need to search frantically for the alarm companies number.
8) The Pakistani guy you buy your dvd's from in Fordsburg is regarded as family,and he knows the name of all your sisters and aunts.
9) There is an immense sense of pride about being born in Durban, but Lord have mercy if your kids come back from an afternoon at a posh private school in Joburg with a Durban accent.
10) You know you're an Indian if you answered "Yes" to at least 3 of the above.